Can you make your clients feel this special?

make customers feel special

The thing I miss the most about England is people!! My daughter, parents, my friends, my team in the office and my hairdresser ….

Yes my hairdresser! Finding a hairdresser you trust with your unruly hair is extremely difficult and I’d been with my hairdresser for 13 years before moving to Spain.

Now anyone of a certain age knows that leaving your hair colour for 12 weeks (which is the time between my UK visits) constitutes a very bad style known as a “badger stripe” which I have been trying to find a solution for, as normal hair dyes don’t cover the grey.

Then a company called e-salon started to stalk me on Facebook. They promised I could have my brightest of reds and that this dye was formulated specially to cover any grey. They had definitely thought about their target market when doing their Facebook ads.  I’m not sure if they were targeting expats or whether it was just aging redheads but I really did feel like their ad was aimed at just me.  So I thought I’d give it a go.

And WOW … From the moment I clicked on the advert this company have made me feel unique.  You can’t just buy an off the shelf bottle, you get asked about a dozen questions on your hair (natural colour, thickness, colour now, expected colour etc) to ensure they send you the perfect colour for you.

I got email updates on my delivery and I got video tutorials sent while I was waiting so by the time the product came I was very excited and they didn’t let me down ….

When the box comes it is stunningly presented. Think about how people feel when they open a new apple product – it was on par with this.  Everything had little compartments and the bottle even had “colour mixed especially for Tracy Irwin”.  How to make your customer feel special.

It didn’t just have the dye in it, it also had a dye brush, 2 pairs of gloves, stain guard and stain remover and a free colour wash to keep your colour.  Talk about going over and above what is expected to make a customer feel special.  So many businesses don’t consider the power of giving something unexpected to make your customers feel loved.  It doesn’t have to be something that eats into your profit margin, you can have it already priced in the cost but it comes as a gift and is a surprise.

The hair colour itself was excellent and did everything it said on the tin but it didn’t stop there …

In the background after I had ordered from them they had added me to a club type website and 4 weeks after I’d bought from them I got an email saying “it is a week away from us needing to send out your next hair dye, is there anything you’d like to change before we post it”.  I go on and on to so many of my clients about setting up a process in their business like this, they know how often their customers need to come back to them especially if it is an annual thing like a car MOT.  Setting up a reminder like this can dramatically increase your existing clients coming back to you.

Now with the hair dye I’d not used it immediately when I got it so I wasn’t actually ready so when I got the email it had a click though to “manage my profile” to find that they had set me up a profile which had all my details on, I was able to change the length of time between needing dyes and was able to change my next delivery … GENIUS! They just made me feel part of a membership, a club … something special. 

And they made it easy for me to change things! So many membership sites make it hard for their members to amend or change things and this can lead to frustration and then they leave.

I have just been so impressed at how a home hair dye company can get everything in their buying cycle so right that I just needed to share it, so you can see how just implementing one or two of their principles could improve your business … I’m definitely going to be thinking how we can implement them into ours!


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