Internet the speed of light?

If your business is plagued by slow Wi-Fi speeds, I think I may have just found the answer.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have been experimenting, and have developed a new wireless internet technology that’s 100 times faster than conventional Wi-Fi. You could say it was internet at the speed of light.

And you’d be right.

The so-called “Li-Fi” technology transmits data using visible light communication, and it’s already being used in offices in Estonia. With speeds of 224 gigabits a second, Li-Fi could change the face of internet use.

To read more about how this works, check out the article HERE:

Harald Haas and his team have been working on Li-Fi since 2011… even though the system is unlikely to ever replace Wi-Fi entirely. It’s too costly to rip out the current infrastructure, but the two systems could work in partnership to create faster, cleaner and safer networks.

And for me, that’s what this story is about.

An entrepreneur and scientist taking something that is already great, and making it better. Looking at innovative ways they could change and transform something we use every single day. Making something better.

Are there processes and systems in your business that you could make better?

From call answering to a more sophisticated CRM, there are endless options out there that really can help you to focus your time and efforts on the things that matter most in your business.

We all need to think a little more like Haas, and look at the things we’re using – and doing – every day and ask ourselves: “Is there a better way?”


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