I just can’t Lego of this news…

As soon as the leaves turn golden, the nights draw in and that familiar chill returns to the air, I just can’t wait for Christmas. Sipping on mulled wine, spending time with loved ones, and (of course!) giving and receiving gifts – is there anything better?!

Earlier this week though, I read some news that has well and truly burst my Christmas bauble quicker than you can say “Ebenezer Scrooge”…

…Santa has run out of Lego. 🙁

Children all over the world could find themselves disappointed on Christmas morning, because the Danish toymaker underestimated demand for products. The manufacturer has warned that, while they can meet current pre-orders, some new orders may not be delivered by the time Santa loads his sleigh.

This disappointment comes off the back of substantial growth for the firm, seeing sales of Lego grow by 18% in the first half of this year to a staggering $2.1 billion. That’s an awful lot of little bricks to tread on, am I right?!  To read more CLICK HERE

As well as dampening my Christmas spirit – I was hoping Santa would bring me the Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium – this news serves as a pretty important business message.

Lego have experienced huge growth this year, and they’ve – for whatever reason – found themselves unable to meet the demands of the festive rush. But even before this growth, Lego have always been ‘up there’ as one of the biggest toymakers in the world.

We all grew up building with those colourful bricks, and today our kids are experiencing the same joy we once did. It’s safe to say then, that they’re hardly a small company.

Despite this, they’ve found themselves unable to cope with demand – at the worst possible time. Maybe it was a lack of preparation. Maybe they didn’t have a good grasp on their numbers. Or maybe they’ve just been overwhelmed by their growth in popularity.

In business, it’s so important that we’re prepared for every eventuality. Especially at your busiest time of year. While this fiasco probably won’t spell disaster for Lego, something similar could be a really big blow for your business.

Are you able to meet customer demand? Are you aware of when your sales peaks and troughs are?

It’s so important to have this kind of visibility and transparency, within your business. Whether it’s knowing your numbers right or making sure you can cope with growth and the demands of your customers; do you have the clarity you need to succeed?

‘till next time…

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