Black Friday Boycott

Last year, there were supermarket scraps after televisions, games consoles and other goods had their prices slashed in the one-day sales sensation. But this year, the retailer credited with bringing Black Friday to the UK is boycotting the event.

Asda have announced a blackout on Black Friday deals.

The Walmart-owned store has announced it won’t be part of Black Friday on the 27th November, citing “shopper fatigue” around the event. Instead of cutting the prices of their TVs, Asda plan to offer discounts and deals on Christmas food, drink and household basics.

You can read more about why Asda are boycotting Black Friday here:

Despite this though, retailers including Argos, Amazon, Littlewoods and Zavvi are already offering deals in a bid to catch Christmas shoppers early. And it’s looking like it could be big business for those taking part.

On Black Friday itself, it’s expected Brits will spend £12,384 every SECOND.

Are Asda making a mistake publically saying shoppers aren’t interested? Or is it all a clever marketing ploy?

Taking the decision to join in with a retail holiday, like Black Friday, certainly isn’t an easy one. Even if you’re not in the retail industry, there will have been times where you’ll have needed to decide to follow suit with your competition, or stand alone.

It’s a brave choice, but one that may just pay dividends for Asda. Especially if the deals they ARE going to run, will be – as they say – what shoppers want. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how Black Friday performs in relation to previous years.

In business, it’s always easier to follow the status quo than to do something different. But when was the last time you did? Because making the decision to stand out from the crowd might just be the best one you make this month.

Something to think about at least…

Speak soon!




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