Why use an insurance broker for your business insurance?

Benefits of using a broker

With so many companies offering the option to buy their insurance online, it seems like an easy do-it- yourself job for your clients. But it isn’t as simple as getting a few online quotes and then choosing the option that offers the most competitive premium!!

What is the purpose of an insurance broker?

There is more to consider than price when buying your insurance policy.

You need to do a comparison of not just rates but also the cover those insurance companies are providing. Insurance jargon can be quite complex in some cases so having an insurance broker to help them decide which is the best policy for their business is a great idea.

Why is it a good idea to use an insurance broker?

Well, there are several advantages of using a broker over the do-it-yourself option:

  • Choice – There are a number of insurers that only deal with brokers and don’t have any online presence so you could be missing out on the best insurance.
  • Price – Buying direct without involving a broker doesn’t guarantee it to be cheaper. There are a number of reasons why the same product purchased through a broker could be less expensive.
  • Ease – Although having to speak to a broker may be less convenient than just logging on at any time to get a quote, any questions or issues are generally easier to address through a broker rather than contacting a large insurance company.
  • Time – If you are looking at several quotes you may need to input your details over and over online, where you would only give your details to the broker once and they would then do the searching for you.  Also, the broker will normally review the market for you each year taking this burden away from you on an annual basis.
  • Trust – Brokers are trained to explain the options available to you, offer advice and answer any questions you have to help assist your decisions – working on your behalf.

So, what does an insurance broker actually do?

As a broker, we work for our customers, not the insurance companies. We have relationships with a number of insurers, all offering a range of policies and premiums. Our role is to find the policy that provides the cover that you require for your business. We can also help guide you through the claims process. If an insurer rejects a claim, we can support you and fight your corner using our knowledge and expertise.

If you or your clients would like a quote please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sarah.

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