Amazing Amazon does it again

When was the last time you ordered something online?

Today? Earlier this week? This month?

We’re a nation of e-commerce obsessives and as we increasingly rely on online shopping, the marketplace is undergoing a pretty big transformation.

You see, we’re becoming more and more impatient when it comes to buying online and our demands are changing. It’s no longer good enough to wait 3-5 business days for your goods.

You want them the next day. If not quicker.

Amazon knows this, and this week has announced big changes to its Amazon Prime service which are a clear indication of where e-commerce is headed. Millions more shoppers will now get their parcels delivered on the SAME DAY they ordered them.

To find out more – and see if Amazon Prime Now is available where you live – check out this article :

Logistically, this is a big ask for Amazon and they’re not the first retailer to offer this service – earlier this year, Argos also announced the launch of their Same Day delivery service.

But it’s certainly an important indication that the big retailers are listening to changing consumer needs.

Are you paying that kind of attention to your customers?

When they first bought from you a few years, months or even weeks ago, their requirements, needs and motivations may be very different to what they are today.

Your marketplace is always changing. Your competition is always changing. And your customers are always changing. If you want to keep offering the best levels of service, you also need to keep changing, growing and adapting.

You need to look at your service levels, product offerings, and business as a whole to identify if you’re still meeting the needs of your customers.

Things are changing so quickly, and businesses who fail to adapt are going to get left behind.

For you, the changes might be big. They might be small. But there are definitely changes we can all make to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of the modern consumer.

It’s not a big ask, but it really can make a big difference.


Speak soon…



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